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Our goal is to enhance each visitor's appreciation of public lands by providing quality educational materials, both free and for sale, in our outlets in park visitor centers, other agency contact stations, and through our online catalog.

Fisher Towers Travel Kits
Headed to Arches? Floating the San Juan River? Our travel kits contain suggested items for all areas covered by CNHA.

Produced by CNHA

Great hiking and beautiful vistas await you in the La Sal and Abajo Mountains of southeastern Utah. This handy fold-out guide includes selected hikes with descriptions, trail information plus an area map.

Moab Hiking Trails
Fold-out guide to some of the best hiking trails that Moab has to offer!

Moab Motorized Routes
Use this easy to use fold-out guide to discover some of Moab's most popular motorized trails.

Cliff Dwellers of Cedar Mesa - The Culture, Sites, and Exodus of the Ancestral Puebloans
A timely book by preminent archaeologist Bill Lipe and photographer Don Rommes. Cedar Mesa's cultural legacy is on the verge of being loved to death. They call for new protections for this huge, remote area and its irreplaceable archaeological wealth.

Discover Moab rock art with this 50-minute DVDof the best sites. Includes a driving guide to lead you to a dozen fascinating rock art sites in th Moab area!

Arches & Canyonlands Visual Toolkit
Map with photos helps you easily find the main arches and other special places in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks!

What's In Bloom? Flowers of Cedar Mesa and Southeast Utah
Fold out of the major flowers of the area to carry with you. Great photos make identification easy.

Moab Rock Art
Use this driving guide to discover a dozen fascinating rock art sites within a few miles of Moab.

Henry Mountains Map & Guide
This fold out map and guide will help you discover the wide variety of outstanding recreational opportunities available in the Henry Mountains and surrounding area.

Moab Area Rock Art DVD
Unravel the mystery of previous cultures who left their story on Moab area red rock. This 50-minute DVD features footage and interpretation of 10 ancient rock art sites plus special features!

Canyonlands Geology - A Visual Toolkit
How can you make sense of the stark, beautiful landscape of Canyonlands National Park? This handy fold-out guide helps you understand the processes that created this amazing area and learn what the rocks tell us.

Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws - Moab's Bill Tibbetts
An exciting tale of one man's journey in the early 1900s as a wanted man in an untamed land. It is the story of a real man, a real cowboy and a real outlaw.

Highway 128
The River Road Experience

A guided drive through the sublime Colorado River canyon on Rt. 128, just north of Moab, Utah.

The Illuminated Desert
Award-winning ABC book with lavish illustrations and thoughtful prose that bring you to a deeper understanding of the beauty and magic of the desert on the Colorado Plateau.

Moab Classic Hikes
Guide to 40 favorite and classic hikes in the Moab area!

Self Guided Driving Tour: Arches National Park
This self-guided driving tour plays in your vehicle's CD player. It's like having a ranger with in your car!

Where God Put The West - Movie Making in the Desert
The list of stars and producers who made movies in Moab and Monument Valley reads like Who's Who in Hollywood. This fascinating book takes you behind the scenes of decades of movie making in the desert.

Of Wind Water & Sand: The Natural Bridges Story
A beautiful, easy to read book which tells the story of Natural Bridges National Monument - an area containing some of our nations most striking and inspiring landforms - Sipapu, Kachina, and Owachomo bridges.

The Towers of Hovenweep
New redesign of Ian Thopmson's classic. Explores the story of community and change at Hovenweep National Monument, from the first hunter gatherers nearly 10,000 years ago to the Ancestral Puebloans who became skilled in farming, crafts and exquisite architecture.

Cinema Southwest (New Expanded Edition! )
This revised and updated edition provides film buffs and casual moviegoers alike with a comprehensive guide to filmmaking in the American Southwest.

Story of Life at Wolfe Ranch
Delightful story about late 1800 ranch and family life in what is now Arches National Park.

Grand Views of Canyon Country: A Driving Guide
A must for anyone traveling in canyon country! A driving guide, planning guide and photographic keepsake all rolled into one.

Sacred Images:
A Vision of Native American Rock Art

This book of magnificent photographs and insightful text is the next best thing to hiking to the great rock art sites in Utah.

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