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Our goal is to enhance each visitor's appreciation of public lands by providing quality educational materials, both free and for sale, in our outlets in park visitor centers, other agency contact stations, and through our online catalog.

Westwater Canyon Travel Kits
Headed to Arches? Floating the San Juan River? Our travel kits contain suggested items for all areas covered by CNHA.

Kid's Books

The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge
Ms. FrizzleÂ’s students are putting on a play about global warming, and they need some cold, hard facts. A hop on the Magic School Bus takes the kids on a whirlwind tour from the Arctic to the equator.

Based on an ancient Zuni story, this tale illustrates the original Zuni teller's concern with kindness to others and respect for nature's gifts.

Dinosaurs - 3-D Explorer
Take a spectacular 3D tour into the age of the dinosaurs with five incredible pop-up scenes that reveal the mighty creatures of the prehistoric world.

Why the Moon Paints Her Face Black
A Southern Paiute sky story colorfully illustrated by members of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah.

You'll meet and learn about 100 of the most amazing birds of North America in this fun and informative new book!

Introduce kids to 26 of the most interesting and well-known constellations. This fun book is packed with activities: dot-to-dots, mazes, word finds and more! 

This giggle-worthy book is a fun way to introduce children to facts about animals.

Take a ride with some of the cowboys and learn about their exciting lives in the Old West!

Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.
a perfect way to bring the fun and amazement of these majestic places to kids. This guide is both accessible and tons of fun. Full-color photographs and layering of information make facts jump off the page.

 In this poignant story, the counting rope is a metaphor for the passage of time and for a Native American boy's emerging confidence facing his greatest challenge: blindness.

In the Land of Standing Rocks: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
Join the Parkers, an intrepid family of four, as they adventure into Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Part of the award-winning Adventures with the Parkers series for kids 8-13.

Cougar Flipbook
The Cougar comes alive with the flip of your thumb! Also lots of facts about the cougar to help kids learn about this big predator.

Bighorn Sheep Flipbook
The Bighorn Sheep comes alive with the flip of your thumb, and the page reverses offer a 360 degree animation of the bighorn!

I Am Wild
Wildlife of the National Parks

This book for young readers will delight young and old with interesting facts and beautiful illustrations.

Who Pooped on the Colorado Plateau?
Scat and Tracks for Kids

Ideal for teaching young children about animal behavior, diet, scat and tracks. Lots of fun illustrations and a charming story too!

Outdoor Gizmos
Make sundials, compasses, scopes and gauges in minutes using everday objects!

The Illuminated Desert
$17.95 (on sale!)
Award-winning ABC book with lavish illustrations and thoughtful prose that bring you to a deeper understanding of the beauty and magic of the desert on the Colorado Plateau.

Phoebe and Chub
Phoebe has many friends. But many of her friends are endangered. Have fun exploring the canyon with Phoebe and Chub in this cute kids story about friendship and some of the endangered animals of canyon country.

Ancient Dwellings of the southwest

I Howl, I Growl
Join the lively creatures of the desert as they race, chase, howl, and growl across the pages of this clever board book.

The Ultimate Dinosaur Sticker Book
The ultimate collection of dinosaur stickers, ideal for home projects or schoolwork. Each sticker is accompanied with important factual information.

The Ultimate Dinosaur Sticker Book
The ultimate collection of dinosaur stickers, ideal for home projects or schoolwork. Each sticker is accompanied with important factual information.

A-MAZE-ING Western Parks and Monuments
A whole book of fun mazes for kids of all ages. Just enough information to peak your interest and hours of fun for everyone on vacation.

**Marlene Mody-Information Specialist**

Bugs For Lunch
A fun rhyming story. A very good story for small children and the illustrations are amazing. In the back of the book, there is lots of information on each of the animals from the story, an added bonus for kids. A must for bug lovers.

**Marlene Mody-Information Specialist**

Based on A Wasco Indian legend, this story about the origin of the constellations is joyfully retold and vibrantly illustrated.

Coyote Steals the Blanket (Ute tales)
In one of our most popular children's books, coyote gets into trouble once again.


The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth


Wildlife of Cactus and Canyon Country
A fun-filled activity book packed with interesting facts about desert life.

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