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CNHA Henry Mountains
Henry Mountains

Banner photo by Bureau of Land Management Hanksville, UT

Whether you're a hiker, camper, or just like to drive through the mountains, you'll find your niche in the beauty of the Henry Mountains. Located in central Utah north of Lake Powell, the Henry Mountains of were one of the last mountain ranges in the lower 48 states to be surveyed and named. Because of their remote location and rugged terrain, the Henrys offer unmatched opportunities for solitude.

There is a wide variety of outstanding recreational opportunities available for those who seek them out.  You can drive the Bull Creek Pass backcountry Byway and see rock layers tilt dramatically in the Waterpocker Fold or view the Pink Cliffs. Many of the roads and trails are open to ORVs. And there are fantastic geologic features and many vistas. You can camp in the Henrys at any of the three developed Bureau of Land Management campgrounds or spend the day picnicking at Dandelion Flats.

The Henry Mountains are the home to the only free-roaming and huntable herd of American Bison in the 48 contiguous states. In 1941, 18 head were transplanted from Yellowstone National Park to the Henry Mountains area. Today over 300 wild buffalo roam the lower benches of the Henry Mountains. The area also provides habitat for mule deer and a small population of antelope, mountain lions and variety of game birds, rabbits and small rodents.

If you visit the Henrys, remember that the area is extremely remote; BLM personnel do not make regular patrols of the area and the chances of meeting other people in the area are slim.

For more information, call the BLM office at Hanksville: (435) 542-3461 or visit the BLM's Henry Mountains website.


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