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About CNHA

Canyonlands Natural History Association is a nonprofit organization established to assist the scientific and educational efforts of the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the USDA Forest Service in southeast Utah.

Photo: Moab Information Center
Our Story

CNHA Historic Overview

Chartered in 1967 as a 501-C3 not-for-profit corporation, Canyonlands Natural History Association (CNHA) has been serving the needs of its public land partners for more than forty five years.  Those partners are the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the National Park Service (NPS), and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

A volunteer board of trustees governs CNHA. The board is a diverse group of volunteers that donates their time and service for the benefit of the organization. Each member of our board brings a slightly different perspective to the table as they work together to develop a viable long-range vision for the organization. Board meetings are held quarterly, with a significant amount of board work done in the committee format.

CNHA is currently operating fifteen outlets throughout the Colorado Plateau. Our main office and warehouse facility is located in Moab, Utah. Our distribution system allows us to receive stock at the main warehouse from which we forward materials to our outlets. Some outlets are very large with more than 950,000 people contacted per year. Others are simply small racks of interpretive materials located in federal offices, serving remote rural locations, but our goal of getting good quality interpretive materials out to the public remains the same.

We have a permanent full time staff of nine, while our seasonal staff can sometimes grow to forty. We have a full time accountant and a full time inventory specialist, which help assure that our outlying branches are well-serviced.

The Moab Information Center (MIC) is a premier multi-agency information center. The MIC has become a model and template for several similar visitor centers throughout the country. With visitation exceeding 250,000 per year, the MIC is a "one stop" information experience for visitors in southeast Utah. Regardless of whether a visitor chooses to recreate on BLM, USFS or NPS areas, the MIC staff can provide the answers to visitor questions. The MIC features a lecture series and an interpretive xeriscape garden that surrounds the building. Amenities such as these, coupled with excellent customer service, have helped the MIC become a staging area for Moab's downtown businesses.

CNHA participates in a regional conglomeration of interpretive associations from around the Colorado Plateau called the Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association. This group allows us to participate in region-wide interpretive projects like Sojourns, an excellent publication that is specific to the Colorado Plateau.

CNHA is a long-term member of the Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL). This national organization has advanced its mission of education, representation and communication for member associations for more than twenty years. Increased levels of professionalism and a degree of visibility at a national level have been the benefits of our membership to APPL.

Like most cooperating or interpretive associations, CNHA strives to accomplish a high degree of professionalism in the operation of our outlets while remaining firmly rooted in our sense of mission.

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