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Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws - Moab's Bill Tibbetts

Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws - Moab's Bill Tibbetts

Price:  $14.99
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Edition:  Softcover

About this Item
In the early 1900s, much of southern Utah was still untamed, unnamed and unexplored. To a bold adventurous boy like Bill Tibbetts, the place was magic. Cowboys still bucked-out wild horses and chased renegade bands of Indians.

The story of Bill Tibbetts, who overcame the travails of being a wanted man in a hostile land, is the story of hard times in the old west. This book is an exciting tale of his journey: his grit, his gumption and his loyalty to the land and his family. Much of this nostalgic read takes place in what is now Canyonlands National Park.

The story is written from the perspective of the Tibbetts family, taken from family records and accounts written by Bill's relatives, children and friends and also from newspaper accounts from the time.

It's the story of a real man, a real cowboy, and a real outlaw.

Published by CNHA. Printed in the USA.

Stock No: 3334
Categories: History, Produced by CNHA, Outlaws & Cowboys

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Customer Reviews
Rank: Rank 5
Excerpt from a review by Dr. Andrew Gulliford, published in the Durango Herald 12/9/2010
"This is the story of a real cowboy, not a celluloid one. Tall, handsome and rowdy, he couldn’t be bluffed and he wouldn’t be beaten, and when it came time for revenge, Bill Tibbetts could make dozens of his enemies’ cows disappear off cliffs and down steep canyon trails without leaving so much as a hair or a hoof. Tibbetts could live on top of Island in the Sky in the dead of winter without a campfire, and though he preferred poached venison, he could eat fried grasshoppers if need be. This story has everything: a loving mother, a murdered father, a patient uncle, a sidekick named Tom and a horse called Ute. Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws is that rare publishing phenomenon of a personal family story expertly handled by a regional writer who gets it all correct – the landscapes, the diction, the patterns of speech, the rifles, the pistols and the creak of saddle leather. Rarely has a family tale of the Old West been better told. Author Tom McCourt’s engaging style is a new genre called narrative nonfiction. The dialogue is constructed, but the scenes, the pacing, the personalities, the historical contexts and the outcomes are all accurate. It’s a delight to read".
January 03, 2011
Rank: Rank 5
A Great Book!
What an enjoyable book! I loved reading about the trials and tribulations of the time and then be able to go explore in the same area's Bill Tibbetts lived his life! I highly recommend this book to everyone!
December 14, 2011
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