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Our goal is to enhance each visitor's appreciation of public lands by providing quality educational materials, both free and for sale, in our outlets in park visitor centers, other agency contact stations, and through our online catalog.

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Canyonlands Geology - A Visual Toolkit

Canyonlands Geology - A Visual Toolkit

Price:  $2.99
Member Price: $2.54

About this Item
How can you make sense of the stark, beautiful landscape of Canyonlands National Park? Take this visual tool kit along as you explore the scenery of Canyonlands National Park!

This handy fold-out guide helps you understand the processes that created this amazing landscape. What do the rocks tell us? How did they get here? What is the big picture? Is it still changing?

Lots of photos, clear explanations, and an illustrated geologic column of the rock layers visible in Canyonlands help you understand the geology of the Park. It also has a shaded relief map showing all three districts of the Park: The Island in the Sky, the Needles, and the Maze, to help you see the bigger picture.

Size: Folded - 4x 9 inches. Folds out to 20 x 18 inches

Stock No: 3376
Categories: Geology, Produced by CNHA

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