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Delicate Arch

Arches National Park - Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Corona Arch

Moab Utah - Surprises Around Every Corner

Comb Ridge

Cedar Mesa - Feel the Wildness

The Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon


Support the lands you love

CNHA General FundDonate Now

General donations to CNHA support educational and interpretative programs such as Canyon Country Outdoor Education (CCOE), which conducts outdoor educational field trips for local school children. Donations also bring Student Conservation Association interns to learn and work in the parks, and provide interpretive publications to educate visitors about southeastern Utah's parks and public lands.

Discovery Pool Donate Now

Donations to the Discovery Pool benefit science and research on public lands of the Colorado Plateau. The Discovery Pool grant program was established in 2007 to encourage and provide funding for research partnerships between qualified scientists and our federal NPS, BLM, and USFS partners in southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado.  In 2018, CNHA granted over $40,000.

Help Protect and Preserve Moab Area Dinosaur Tracks Donate Now

Dinosaurs such as Camarasaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus and Allosaurus roamed the Moab area some 100 – 200 million years ago, leaving their tracks in the muds and sands of ancient lake shores and rivers. The footprints they left behind, now captured in solid rock, are a fascinating look into the past for Moab area visitors. Those tracks are also a rare, non-renewable resource that paleontologists study to learn about dinosaur anatomy, behavior and climatic conditions long ago.

When fossil footprints are damaged, destroyed or improperly collected, their scientific and educational value may be greatly reduced or lost forever. We need your help to provide interpretation and education that will help visitors enjoy Moab track sites and learn about the dinosaurs that walked there, while increasing awareness of the need to protect our irreplaceable fossil resources for future generations.

Justin Holland Memorial Fund Donate Now

Partnerships between the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the Family of Justin Holland provide an annual gift of a pair of custom made Whites Boots to a Wildland Firefighter deemed Firefighter of the Year. Justin was a Wildland firefighter at the time of his death, and his nickname was Boots. His love for the outdoors and the support of his firefighting crew made it the wish of his family to create this fund to honor other firefighters and support his firefighting family. This person is voted in by a combined committee of US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management inter-agency management. This partnership also coordinates an annual event to bring firefighters, the Holland family, and agency personnel together for a fundraising and awareness event.

Trail Mix

CNHA is no longer accepting donations for Trail Mix. As of Jan. 1, 2019, Grand County, Utah has taken over fiscal management for Trail Mix. Please send donations to: 

Grand County Clerk / Auditor
125 E. Center Street
Moab, Utah 84532

Make the check payable to "Grand County Clerk" and be sure to put "Trail Mix donation" in the For: line.
For information about Trail Mix, visit the Grand County website.