Zion, Arches, and Bryce Canyon National Parks

Alsco worked in collaboration with Sen. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, and the Utah Office of Tourism to define a plan that would best protect the visitor experience and natural environment. McCay said the public-private partnership was the reasonable next step in the shutdown.
“Days like this make me proud to be a Utahn,” McCay said. “We are taking a different path than most other states by bringing public and private partners together to solve a hard problem – a problem that is big enough to see and small enough to solve. Our parks will continue to be welcoming to visitors through Alsco’s contribution.”
The $100,000 contribution is being allocated to three foundations that support the national parks, and is distributed according to the projected February visitation of the parks. The largest allocation, $62,300, goes to the Zion Forever Project, supporting Zion National Park. Canyonlands Natural History Association, which supports Arches National Park, receives $19,600. Bryce Canyon Natural History Association will receive $18,100. February 2018 visitation was 127,790 at Zion, 40,325 at Arches and 37,132 at Bryce Canyon.
For more information see the press release.